The purpose of this website is to promote the life and legacy of Servite Father Peter Mary Rookey and his cause for canonization as a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. He was often referred to as “The Man of Miracles” or “The Healing Priest”. I’m Timothy Peter Rookey, the nephew of Fr. Peter and […]

1) “Man of Miracles” by Irish journalist Heather Parsons was the first book written about Fr. Peter Mary Rookey. It contains many vivid stories and accounts of healings associated with his ministry. It is an easy and enjoyable book to read. 2) “Do you Believe That Jesus Can Heal You” is the second book written […]

Heavenly Father, we believe that from the depths of your merciful love you have bestowed upon the world a great gift in giving us Father Peter Mary Rookey. He was our dear friend in persona Christi and helped to lead countless souls to you. He brought Jesus Christ your son to us by making Him […]