Radio Broadcasts

Fr. Peter Rookey-Radio Broadcast- Benburb: Where It All Began

Fr. Peter Rookey was a guest on a New Orleans, Louisiana Catholic radio broadcast many years ago that was hosted by Margaret Trosclair of Mary’s Helpers. Here he speaks about how he discovered that he had the gift of healing while working in Benburb, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland in the late 1940s.


Fr. Peter Rookey Radio Broadcast- The Blind See, The Deaf Hear, The Lame Walk

Fr. Peter Rookey is heard on a radio broadcast many years ago in New Orleans, Louisiana with host Margaret Trosclair of Mary’s Helpers. This was a weekly radio show that dealt with religious topics of interest to Catholics. Here, Fr. Peter talks about some miracles that occurred during his ministry as a Servite priest. He always said that Jesus did all the healing. He was just an instrument in the Lord’s hands.


Fr. Peter Rookey- Kansas City Radio Broadcast with Host Christine Rossi on May 27, 2004

Fr. Peter Rookey is interviewed on a Kansas City radio broadcast by host, Christine Rossi, on May 27, 2004. He speaks about his many years of priesthood, working as an instrument of healing for the Lord and His people.