Healing Service in Medjugorje

Fr. Peter Rookey Healing Service-Medjugorje on May 12, 1991

Fr. Peter Rookey conducts a healing service in a big tent behind St. James Catholic church in Medjugorje on May 12, 1991. He prays over a priest in a wheelchair who gets up and walks on his own afterwards. Father cracks a few good jokes too. He is also shown having dinner with his nephew Tim Rookey and others at the home where they were staying. Less than 2 weeks later, Father celebrated his 50th anniversary of ordination at Our Lady of Sorrows

Fr. Rookey Hears Confessions-Madonna of Medjugorje Film 1986

Fr. Peter Rookey appears briefly in the BBC documentary from 1986 called The Madonna of Medjugorje. He was among a number of priests hearing confessions one day at the shrine church.