Prayer Request Entries

No. Name Prayer Request Message
1) Joe Hart I would like to request prayers for Diane Bishard who who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Thx
2) Margaret Hurd Dear Fr Peter Rookey, Please ask Our Lady and her loving son Jesus help my mother ( Philomena Mc Geough) who is very ill due to a severe wound infection post hip surgery in January this year. Please guide the Doctors, Nurses and Physiotherapists in the care they provide for her, please let her get a place in the Cappagh Rehabilitation Hospital in Dublin, in order to build up her strength and to regain her confidence in mobilising. Thanking You Fr Rookey, Margaret.
3) Anne Elizabeth Rookey Please pray for my friend Barbara, for her to have a place to live that is not too expensive, and for her to know where God wants her to live. Also, please pray for her needs to be met. She does not drive, and needs people to help her get to church and other places. Also, for her to be able to get the cataract surgery she needs, and other physical ailments attended to. Please pray for her general well-being, and mission in life. Thank you!!!
4) Isabella Please pray for my daughter Annamaria that she can find a good husband.
5) Isabella Lattaruli Please pray that my daughter will find a good guy
6) Ginny Kroll Please Fr. Rooney intercede for me. I have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, stage 3. Amen
7) mary burruss My son in laws TMI will bring he and his wife, our daughter to the Catholic Church: catholic schools for grandchildren: conversion of all souls: peace: strength faith: end to abortion: protection for our priests
8) Cecelia Please pray for my severely disabled autistic son Liam. He is suffering with autoimmune encephalitis and a brain lesion, along with multiple other medical conditions. Please Fr. Rookey grant him peace and healing. Amen
9) Monice Fruit of the womb.
10) Lisa Crooks Please pray for my children, Christopher Crooks and Olivia Crooks. Please pray for healing in my family. Please pray for an end to abortion. Thank you and may God bless you all.
11) Bridget Maughan Please pray for my children to keep them happy healthy and safe to meet all there milestones in life and live very happy and for myself and my husband that we have a long happy marriage
12) attracta mc geough FR Rookey please intercede for my Mam,Ena Mc Geough who is seriously ill with a blood infection in a hip repair.
13) Patty Erusha Please pray for our dear friend, Al who suffered two strokes March 25th. We ask for full recovery but submit to God’s divine will. May Al be given the graces of healing and acceptance of whatever comes.
14) Tim o Donovan Please pray for my own health please heal my body of all impurity thank you God bless
15) Lia Rose Please pray for my sister, Patricia, who is suffering from late stage pancreatic cancer and is in hospice and in great need of prayer. In Jesus name I am praying for a miracle that God will heal her in mind, body and spirit and give her comfort from the agonizing pain she is experiencing. God please heal my sister, Thy will be done, Amen.
16) Steven Broiles Please pray for the repose of the souls of my parents, Mr. & Mrs. Terrel T. Broiles, my aunt, Patricia Joyce, my grandmothers, Mrs. Helen J. Broiles & Mrs. Lucy Bassford. Also for my older brothers, Stan & Cliff, who have been enduring serious health problems. Please also for me: I am struggling to survive, economically, and I took one Pfizer Covid vaccine, under mandate, and I am extremely sorry I did. (My adverse reactions so far have been minor). Also: The Cause of Fr. Capodanno.
17) Agnieszka Przybylowska-van Tilburg For de conversion of my son Jeffrey van Tilburg and everyone I love. For the recovery of Agnes from mental illness. God bless you.
18) diane murphy Please Father Rookey help me sleep I am on sleep pills and still cant sleep. Please pray also for Martin my son numbness in stomach and sad. Husband Pat also not sleeping. Father Rookey please make Miracle happen for us and cure us. Many Thanks Dianexx
19) Nancy Rusnak Through the intention of Fr. Peter please pray for my family. To many request to list, but God knows my heart. May His will be done in all of us! Thank you & God Bless your work. Nancy
20) bernadette Please beg our Mother Mary, to ask her son Jesus, for Bernadette to have no cancer when she goes to Hospital tomorrow 11.4.22. Jesus will refuse Mother Mary nothing we believe. please pray for Briody family will be free from any cancers. Please pray for Briodys to be healthy and have stronger faith. Please pray very hard for Bernadette and all family and relatives, living and deceased. we live in dublin ireland
21) Jonathan Briody That my mum will be well.
22) Rose Lemke I humble ask for help with my sister Donna Ciepluch that her and her family be healed of strife and conflict with daughter Jennifer and grandkids. Thank you so much.also ask for st.joseph intersession for the family.
23) Mary Fortune Please pray for Cloe Stamp, Rory O Donohue, Nicholas Boland, Andy Conners, and all who has cancer. God Bless
24) MARI JO AND DOUG For my family , conversions, for me to find a good Catholic naturpath DO. doctor, good health for husband , me and family, thank you...W e ask for Father Rookeys intervention, daily..
26) LEE K JOHNSON for my stomach pains get healed as well and the capsule pass through and out naturally, that our daughter Ellie will cancel her SSA “marriage” celebration be healed of her SSA and embrace her true vocation, for our daughter Annie’s annulment appeal to be granted, for my wife Sue this Mother’s Day and on our 40th anniversary: that our whole family, all of our children and grandchildren to be together, for Sue and me to be able to attain the dream lakeshore homestead we are seeking.
27) Julie Neubauer Please pray for my son, Joey. He is 36 and has Asperger’s Syndrome. He is going through a very tough time “again” right now and it is killing me too. It has been sooo difficult dealing with his autism. His brother, Jeff has separated himself from the family so I have a hole in my heart from that. I really feel like I am dying from a broken heart.
28) Kathryn J Lefere *That my daughter in law and son be blessed with a healthy children. They have been unable to conceive. *That my son and daughter in law return to the Catholic faith, and their marriage grow stronger, that he find a new job to support his family. *That my daughter be healed from her traumatic brain injury and find a holy spouse. *That my son never have another seizure *That my son in law become a catholic Thank you Jesus, I Trust in You.
29) Julie Dolan Creel Private!
30) Carmel and Florence May Our Lord Jesus Christ deliver our son completely of all the root causes of his depression.
31) Carmel and Florence May Our Lord Jesus Christ deliver our nephew of Kidney failure and all the complications from medications.
32) John Papariella Please pray for healing of my eyes and digestive system and healing of pku for my little grandson Luca Papariella Thank You ! John Papariella
33) Jonathan Please pray for my mum Bernadette, that her CT scan will show she does not have cancer in the brain or in the tummy, and that she will be healed, thank you.
34) Rose Monachino Alongi My aunt Vincenza Cappello who has scleroderma, a depilating auto immune disease that attacks the lungs. She is dying. Fighting for over 20 years and still here by the grace of God. But her time is running out. And for my mother in law Vincenza Alongi who had a debilitating stroke and is paralyzed on one side of her body. Please pray for the healing of these two women who are the pillars of our family. Thank you and Amen.
35) Li D Hello, please pray for the health of my souse and my pets. For peace, forgiveness, love and compassion in our home. Thank you!
36) Toni Cascio Please pray for our son Joseph who has adrenal insufficiency and low testosterone is 38 years old and a new father husband he is been suffering for a few years anxiety depression and been misdiagnosed and given a lot of prescriptions and now they’re finding it could be all his hormones so loLord please help our son father Peter Rookey God bless you in heaven and help intercede for our son to find the right help and doctors and be healed they’re thinking it may be coming from his pituitary gland
37) Andrea Castrejon Family healing is requested in Jesus Name. For the Yancick and Castrejon families.
38) Debbie Beucker Once again my screening for breast cancer is questionable and I am going for tests. Please pray that all is normal. Also can you please send me more oil that was blessed by Fr Peter Mary Rookey? Mine is gone. Thank you Debbie
39) andrea Montenegro Hello I just request that you please pray for my daughter Oriana Montenegro, and ask that father rookey and blessed mother intercede for her and to put her in the right path. And for her to make the right choices for her future. Amen please mother Mary intercede for her and she be place under the consecration of the sacred heart of Jesus and mary amen
40) Michael Mordeno Please pray for the complete healing of my father, Manolito, from Lymphoma and from all forms of cancer and blood diseases.
41) N P Dear God, in the name of Jesus your Son, my Lord I ask you to help my daughter, that her exam results will be positive with high grades so that she will go to the new school: Radulphus Havo. I beg you for this favor.
42) Donna For my son and his daughters. That all things will work together for good as he goes through this painful trial. Give him peace and hope.
43) Margaret Lalich Please pray for Rena Heidari. He will be having heart surgery. Thank you!!
44) attracta mc geough Please could you pray for my Mam Ena Mc Geough,that the surgery she has undergone for a second time w ill prove successful as it is looking doubtful and a third operation w ould be too much as her heart and kidneys have already being affected.Please Fr Rookey intercede for us.
45) andrea Montenegro Dear father rookey up in heaven . Can u please prayer for my daughter Oriana , she is dating an Hindu Indian and I have grave concerns for her future. I pray in the name of Jesus to cut this relationship and make her meet a catholic . I pray please . And if you can prayer for my fathers soul santo Fazio . Thank you
46) Dalia C Please pray for my daughters success in hard test. Amen
47) Jonathan Please pray for my brother that his colonoscopy will be cancer free and that my mum will recover and resume chemo soon and that Grace will be healed.
48) attracta mc geough Please Fr Rookey intercede with the Sacred Heart and his Blessed Mother to rid our dear Mother Ena Mc Geough from a terrible hip infection,she has been in hospital since march and is constanly in and out of theatre.All this is wearing her and us out,Please Fr Rookey interceed for us/
49) Benito g De Innocentis Dear Father God in Heaven heal me of addiction.anxiety and heal my family of all disablities and unite us in holiness and sanctity, may Your Will be done Amen.
50) Victoria Gonzales Please pray for my son Ricky to go back to church and stop smoking pot. Fr. Peter please pray and iintercede for him.
51) D C please pray for my daughter to get a job
52) Joseph Hart Please pray for Reagan Blair, a California boy that is quite ill wit Covid. Thank you. Joe Hart
53) Patricia That I will meet my future partner soon and will have the patience to choose the right man.
54) Jonathan That Damien O’Donnell will be healed physically and brought to belief in God.
55) mary marr In the name of Jesus and Our blessed lady and St Joseph and through the help and in tercession of Father Rookey may my family be brought together in peace .May all barriers and feelings of hatred be destroyed and any evil tongues .May total peace prevail with my sister and her children with us and my brothers children with us too. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Thank you so much for your prayers and intercession .I await in anticipation of this prayer being granted as the divide has gone o
56) Josephine thomas Please pray for my grandson Michael rafferty he is a baby of 5 months old his head is measuring too big please pray it’s nothing serious please I beg u please pray ???? and
57) Jackie For healing for Mark Ahles who has 3-4 months to live.
58) Katie Requesting prayer for the healing of Ariel Tonkel. She is a 22 yr old with terminal cystic fibrosis. She is currently awaiting a lung transplant.
59) Paulette Furrie Thornton Please pray for me to get healthy, I have severe back issues, weight issues , depression and other health issues. Thank you
60) Louise Hello please please will you pray for my son James please pray for him to talk he nearly 3 and doesn’t speak I ask please pray for him to speak and to understand I make a promise to teach James to pray as soon as he speaks I promise father rookery
61) Kathy For my mother to heal from Dementia. Amen.
62) Kathy Please pray that I will find the help I need to take care of my mother so I can keep my job and have peace of mind. Amen.
63) Teresa Mcdonagh Please keep young boy name Jerry in prayer that he will be heal from head to toe
64) Margaret Mcdonagh Please keep all the sick in prayer specially those who suffer with depression illnesses anxiety fear worry stress for all her family and members and our children for Chinese couples from my own intentions my husband and children want more children for their future for safety strength and faith conversion of hearts and protection amen predictions for fags and alcohol and drunkenness for wisdom
65) Julia Mcdonagh Please keep me and my husband family and grandchildren in prayer I’m suffering with very bad pains in my right arm and hand pray that the pains will leave me godbless Julia
66) Margaret Mcdonagh What peace for Gerry McDonagh in our homes in our families in our world and ourselves in our marriage is enough children protection conversion love respect for all the sick all the agony garden group The bible study group and all holy groups and for the Salvation Of All Souls a protection of Mind Body soul and spirit amen
67) Tina Please pray for John Tina my kids Mcdonagh family for peace health happiness keep evil away from my family god bless
68) Patricia Please father Rookey plz heal us so we can have more children. Please help me to be a good wife and help my husband to be a good husband cast out any evil and temptation that is overtaking my marriage, save us from the fires of hell help us to consecrate our hearts to are blessed mother and her son Jesus, please keep are child safe and healthy always
69) Julia Mcdonagh Please pray for all of my family husband and grandchildren also pray for me as I’m suffering with very bad pains in my right arm and hand pray that god will take all the pains away from me godbless I do have depression most days pray for us all amen Julia
70) Abc Plz pray for me & my husband to be blessed with a family very soon and for my private intentions
71) Winifred Please pray for me and my husband and kids
72) Thomas helena Pray for my husband family and my little blessing on way . Pray for Martin & Ann and there family and grand kids
73) Martin caroline nevin Can you please keep me my husband and children in your prayers ???? especially our children
74) Barbara Please prayer for me and my partner simon and our 2 children simon and Lucinda all all our extending family and friends god bless
75) Lena mcdonagh Michael and Lena and unborn baby
76) Anthony Please pray for my son martin who is showing development delays and possible asd traits that we will see improvements in him and for us to not stress or worry
77) Biddy Reilly Prayer for the conversion of tom reilly maryellen & family kids & grand kids pray for conversion of reilly family tree
78) Sylvia Lawrence Jerry McDonagh young man very seriously car accident in hospital very on will
79) Michael Please aske fr rookey for a miracle for our son michael Patrick Raphael reilly hes nearly 3 years old and has a life limiting illness please beg him to interced thank you godbless
80) Mary Keep all my family and Freinds safe away from harm and away from danger keep Chloe Delaney in your prays young girl has cancer
81) Jerry Mcdonagh Please pray for my husband Jerry Mcdonagh for full healing
82) Melissa McDonagh Please pray for my husband gary McDonagh let him win he’s trial in September he’s on remand for false agglation please let him win he’s trial and come home to me he’s wife Melissa McDonagh pray for us to have a child thank u godbless
83) Sharon Please pray for all the healing of everyone battling cancer or injuries or operations or awaiting tests.
84) Mary Lawrence Please pray for a full healing for jerry Mcdonagh, a full healing for Chloe Delaney, for everyone intentions on the Father pio prayer group ,daily prayer group ,novena group all prayer group ,all special intentions spoken and unspoken ,all the sick adult and children, Protection for all families ????♥️
85) Aw Please jesus through the intersession of fr rookie sort my life out i surrender all to you
86) John Ward Please pray for my family and my wife who is having a baby tomorrow
87) Priscilla and Bernie and kids Please pray for my special intentions ????????And for me my husband and kids nd family ????????
88) Priscilla McDonagh Please pray that I get pregnant soon with a beautiful Healty baby ????????????????
89) John mcdonagh Hi my name is john mcdonagh me and my wife has been true alot this last year over our son john who is ongoing treatment for chemotherapy plzs if you can keep him in pray god bless We always say fr rookeys pray rip to him thank you
90) John For myself and my wife and all my children for my daughter in laws son-in-laws grandkids my father and mother all my family thank you????????????
91) Edel Prayer for me my husband & baby boy
92) Patrick and rosaleen Collins and family For the healing of Patrick Collins legs and ankles and for Patrick and rosaleen marriage and for all our family attentions kids mikey chanelle geard shane Martin KIERAN for all our health and keep all curses and bad luck away God bless
93) Mmm Ease my mind please let everything go well
94) Caitlin maughan Plz keep my intention in your prayers plz
95) Linda x Grant Chloe deleany miracle who’s fighting cancer ????????????????
96) Belita William Please pray for me..I have a severely prolapsed uterus,and bladder. Surgery is the only way,but I am to weak and sick for surgery/ I also suffer from digestive disorders(IBS) Thank you PS Many years ago,aroung 2013 I think,I was fortunate to talk directly to Fr Rookey,who blessed me and said all would be well..but I am very sick and hope he remembers me!
97) Maria m x For peace in life thank you x
98) Ward family Please pray for happiness health and all my family’s intentions keep all safe healthy and happy thanks ????????
99) Maria Please pray for me my husband and our baby always keep us safe happy and healthy❤️And the same for our family’s and there and our intentions Thank you and for Chloe Delaney pray she gets the miracle she deserves
100) Tommy nevin Pray for Black Jerrys Jerrys and Paddy Hayes paddy
101) Melissa Please pray for me and my husband who are 5 years married and finding it hard to conceive
102) Andrew RJ Vaughn Katie Wilkinson (my cousin, a multi-organ transplant recipient), who is suffering organ rejection, bleeding ulcers, coronavirus, pneumonia, and is in intensive care; Kathy Marx, Nettie Raue, Jess Mottl, Bridget Fischer, + Weakland, Bonnie Vaughn, Katie Krahn, Katie and Bob Miller, myself (complete healing of wrist and no need for surgery), Frs. Tom, Bernie, Laurin, Klemme, safety from COVID and trip, LL (angina), souls in purgatory
103) D C please pray for my daughter to get job, and for my husbands better health
104) Timothy Rookey Please pray for Vivian Cam from the Philippines. Her sister called us to report that Vivian has bone cancer. We invoke the intercessary prayers of Fr. Peter and St. Peregrine, the cancer saint, for her complete healing.
105) Dorothy-prayers for my father, Joe I am asking for prayers that my father’s heart surgery will be successful and that there will be no complications, and that he will have successful recovery.. It will take place on Monday, August 8th. Thank you so very much! ❤️
106) John Murphy Prayer for john Murphy he’s in intensive care he’s critical he needs high oxygen he’s having an operation this morning
107) mary mcmahan Needing prayers for a family member who has cancer, Connie and is in hospice and another family member with congestive heart failure, James, anticipating hospice.
108) Belita William Hello,PLease pray for my health condititons which I have had for years and they seem to be getting worse,especially my digestive ,IBS ,and right now very painful itching on my private areas..I also have a severely prolapsed pelvic floor and they want to do a surgery,butI am 75 years old and it would be risky. I also suffer from ME/CFS and am always so tired,(Autoimmune disorder) Thank you
109) attracta mc geough Please Fr Rookey heal Enas infection and let the wound heal .
110) Carrie Keeler Please pray for my son, Kevin. Pray that he returns to the church. Pray that his mental health be restored. Pray that he overcome all addictions. Pray that he become a loving and just father to his children. Pray that the grief of losing the mother of his children to cancer he may find the peace that only Jesus can give to him. Pray that he lead, by example, his children in the one true faith. Amen
111) Sue Dawson Please pray for a friend, Chuck S., who is very ill. Thank you.
112) Dorothy I am asking prayers that I do not have breast cancer. I found a small lump and I am praying that it is just a cyst or a milk duct and that all is ok. Thank you.
113) Mr Angel Please pray for me for complete good health of soul and mind and body and spirit
114) carla dix Please would you tell Father Peter Rookey I need his help for the problems at the weekend with weekend staff problem that I have been having for 18 months to be resolved please get him to listen and see the awful problem
115) Pamela Mary Mckiernan Through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and the intercession of Fr Peter Mary Rookey, may Paul Connor be healed of his cancer, Thank you
116) Maureen Please pray for peace in our family that our children will once again come to know Gods love and mercy. Thankyou
117) Radha Please would you tell Father Peter Rookey I need get government job in good salary.
118) theresa that my son Christopher will come back to Jesus and be healed.
119) Paula I have found myself (through no fault but my own) in a financial mess. I lost my home to foreclosure in 2019 and have bills that are overwhelming to me. My husband is an alcoholic and I fear my children are making poor choices in their relationships. I feel overwhelmed by all these factors. I’ve been praying my whole life and these prayers have yet to be answered. I often feel that God our father is disappointed in me and this is why they have not been answered. Please pray for me. Thank you!
120) Lisa Please keep John Obrien from South Wales I’m prayer still insensitive care they are trying to wake him up to day please help him with he’s breathing and that he comes around and wake up and help him breath on he’s own please keep him in prayers he needs a miracle
121) Margaret Please pray for Mr. Heidari
122) NOREEN I ask for prayers of intercession through Father Mary Peter Rookey for my son Andrew who has been diagnosed with prostrate cancer. I pray that through his intercession Andrew be cured The Shrine of Our Lady Help of Christians is situated at 2541 Beechmont Rd, 10km from Canungra and south of Brisbane in the Gold Coast Hinterland. As an Archdiocesan Shrine of Brisbane it is dedicated to Our Lady Help of Christians, a title under which Mary is particularly honoured in Australia as its Patrones
123) Joe Dear Blessed Mother, please pray for me for deliverance from sin and demonic oppression. Thank you dear Queen of Heaven.
124) Greg This prayer request is for a friend her name is Mandi she suffers from severe depression, ADHD, and long term Covid symptoms. She doesn’t have a faith. Please pray for her conversion the healing of her depression & ADHD. Thank You
125) andrea Dear father rookey in heaven , I ask you that you intercede for my mother in hospital , she is not well . The drs seem to think that she won’t walk again , please father intercede for so that she will walk again and come back home amen please guide the drs and nurses and the physio in giving her right assessment in walking. And get a place in south eastern private so that she can get rehabilitated
126) andrea Dear father rookey please pray for my daughter ORIANA to find a nice catholic boy from a good family. In the name of Jesus please steer her right direction . Please send her a bloke with the catholic religion. Thanks amen
127) Oriana dear father i pray to to intercede for my daughter oriana, please guide her in the right direction in every aspect in her career and her love life . i prayer that she meets a catholic bloke and get married and that she will compatabile and that you keep her safe and bring her back to the faith
128) andrea dear father rookey please prayer for mother teresa, so that she will start to walk and recovery from her illness. i prayer that you put in place services to help her at home and that she can live comfortable at home
129) George Please help me to get something over with with prayers.
130) Hilda Please pray for Frank, Glenda, Hilda that the doctors results will show nothing serious. We place our trust in Jesus for healing. May Blessed Mother pray, love, cover us with Her Holy mantle. May Sacred Heart of Jesus cover us with His precious blood & take care us. Blessed Mother pray for my fam and extended fam whether they are living or at rest. We pray for an end of all sins that offend Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary. We pray for healing of all who are sick, dying.
131) suzana bratovic Be rosenkransen med Fr. Peter - Fr Peter Mary Rookey - Servite Friar ( Be mirakelbönen med Fr. Peter - Fr Peter Mary Rookey - Servite Friar ( Om oss Biografi Fotoalbum Videor / Intervjuer Minnen / vittnesbörd Radiosändningar Reliker Tidningsartiklar Be rosenkransen med Fr. Peter Podcast-kanaler Be mirakelbönen med Fr. Peter Fr. Peter sjunger Stabat Mater Böneförfrågningar Instrumentbräda Be mirakelbönen med Fr. Peter MIRAKE
132) SUSANNA BRATOVIC forgivness milka danilo bratovic and sonja marija bratovic johansson vlado and fiorella bratovic naemi marija bratovic johansson noah john bratovic johansson mirko rudman dusica karnel Be rosenkransen med Fr. Peter - Fr Peter Mary Rookey - Servite Friar ( Be mirakelbönen med Fr. Peter - Fr Peter Mary Rookey - Servite Friar ( Om oss Biografi Fotoalbum Videor / Intervjuer Minnen / vittnesbörd Radiosändningar Reliker Tidningsartiklar Be rosenk
133) Arpan I lost the tenderness and love of someone who I hold dear to my heart. Please, guide me back to her(Allison). I implore you and pray that He may grant me the grace of reconciliation with my loved one, the strength to listen, to recognize our faults, and to forgive one another. May the sincere love, respect, and attention that we once shared w/ each other bloom again, in the image of the love that Christ taught us. Amen!.
134) Linda Ann Dearest Father Rookey, please I pray for deliverance & Spiritual guidance and your protection for myself, Joseph, our marriage, and our family until we are with you in Heaven. I struggle to pray the rosary! Please say a prayer for all those I promised prayers. Thank You????????????
135) James Please pray for healing in my family and that they may return to the faith. Thank you
136) Ann Please may I ask for healing for my son, Luke and myself. Thank You
137) Angel Please pray for God and father rookey to send me and my husband a beautiful healthy baby we want to be parents so bad
138) D C Please help my daughter be healthy, get a job. Amen
139) Kathy Please pray for me as after a fall I have double vision, thank ????????????
140) James Please pray that I may find a different job and for my family. Thank you
141) Nancy I have been saying the Miracle Prayer since 2002. For many years I have handed out numerous copies of this prayers to people in need. Now, I please need prayers for myself. I have 4 compression fractures in my back.
142) carmel for an urgent miracle please
143) carmel that my sister will be healed from all her fear and mistrust and can live a safe and peaceful life
144) carmel that all family, extended family and everyone can have a real living relationship with Jesus
145) Judy For our friend Barb who is 87 and had a massive stroke 3 years ago, that the Lord would heal her speech and her limbs and restore her back to full health. Thank you and God Bless
146) Nishah Hello, I want to request for prayer for marriage - I am 41 years old and single, no kids. I am worrying my time is running out as a woman to give birth - I would appreciate if you can look into my request - I understand you get a lot of prayer requests from around the world on daily basis ????????
147) andrea Dear father rookey please intercede with the situation of my mother , please lead me and Daniel how to properly care for lord . You know the situation please pray her and my entire family . Thanks for listening to my prayer
148) Stella Capra Please I need a miracle I have lung caner, very painful, would like a miracle from GOD OUR LORD I know he can heal me , he said he loved me and I love him too, and to trust him, please pray for me to expect a miracle I trust him, thank you for your ministry, and I expect a miracle thank you Stella Capra
149) Margaret Please pray for Matt Stadler. He is in the hospital with health issues.
150) Carol For my son
151) Ronald Please pray for RJS, JAK, PMR, & PP.
152) Joseph I would like to request prayers for Thomas Walker of Sparta New Jersey who is a college student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas. He is fighting some unknown infection that has spread to his internal organs. I ask that our Lord save and protect him as he fights this illness. Thank you Joe Hart
153) Matt Heal Mike, Tina,mark,Theresa, koswenda. Plus friend. I somehow offended will not speak to me. Please keep till Christmas season. Matt koswenda disable nam vet retired army special troops……..mind never left nam. Put in for back pay on disability 4 years ago. I fully realize a demon attack….I counter with a lot of prayer. Peace
154) George Please pray that I get my problem sorted soon.
155) Sally Please pray for healing of brain and body. I took a medication given to me by my doctor which caused me to stay awake for 48 hours and I have not been able to sleep since then without psychiatric meds
156) Celia Please pray for my grandson Jaylon. I am also his Guardian. He keeps getting into trouble at school. I need prayers for his mental health and for him to settle down and focus and study. I pray that he is respectful and obedient and have appropriate behavior.
157) Celia Please pray for my daughter who has joined the Army. She has completed OCS and is in BOLC school. It it difficult and I pray for her success. I also pray for her protection and for her family also. She has very young kids.
158) Celia Please pray for complete healing for my husband.
159) Celia Please pray for my finances and for my family. Thank you.
160) Linda I ask that negative thing leave me, my family and our possessions, and never come back. Help me Father Rookey, PLEASE! Help me not to be afraid, and I want to stop all anxiety pills, and sleeping pills. I have lived all of my life with depression. I dont want that anymore.
161) Celia Please pray for my daughter to pass her exam which she is doing right now and for her to pass all her exams in her BOLC training. Thank you God AMEN.
162) Margaret Please pray for Phyllis T. She is not doing well. Thank you!!
163) Éva Dear Sir, Madam! Unfortunately, I have cancer. I would like to ask for prayers for my healing. Thank you.
164) Colleen Please help our Molly manage her ADHD, anxiety to finish this semester and get the help she needs to succeed at university of Alabama! Thank you!
165) Jackie May you help me pray for the safe and speedy return of our beloved orange cat Honey? She has been missing for a long time and the only clues we have seem to indicate her being stolen. And also for our family and friends as well as Benjamin Lopez and the soul of Raymond Rivera. (Pardon me for not leaving my phone number since I’m currently out of the country) Thank you for reading this message and I am praying for you, your uncle and the rest of your family.
166) John Lord Jesus heal my brain system and relief from shaking. Amen.
167) Joe Please pray for me, my wife, our mothers, my son, his wife and my granddaughter. Please pray that we may be delivered from any and all demonic bondage.
168) Dorothy I am asking for prayers that my pap smear results are normal and that I do not have cancer or pre-cancer. Thank you!
169) Jon That moms scope will be cancer free and that her scan will be cancer free.
170) Ompreet Dear Father, I want to be able to maintain employment for all my life and be married and beautiful. I have been a victim for so long, and never want to be one. Please heal my life and give me the blessing and healing I want
171) andrea Dear father rookey up in heaven please intercede for my 93 year old mother. I feel that the dr in the hospital wants to euthanasie my mother. Without really trying to heal her infection. By withholding further antibiotics. Please father rookey intercede for my 93 year old , please intercede for her so that she maybe healed and commence eating and drinking . Thank you amen
172) andrea Dear father rookey up in heaven please intercede for my 93 year old mum. The dr in the hospital I feel wants to euthanise my mother. Which I am against please god and father rookey and all the angels and saints in heaven intercede for my mother and heal her.
173) andrea Dear father rookey please intercede for my mother Teresa fazio
174) Elaine Healing for my dog, Max, from cancer and any illness; my brother for eyes, knees, uncertainty and fear; me from possible Parkinsons, fear, depression,despair, and financial challenges; my little dog, Hastings, for teeth and good health. Thank you for your kindness. May you always walk with God.
175) James Please pray for my familys spiritual and temporal needs. Thank you
176) Timothy Rookey Please pray for our dear friend, Sr. Ann Marie Caporale who broke her wrist today. Needs surgery. Also for her brother Francis who has surgery tomorrow. Sister was very close to Fr. Peter and was always very supportive of his healing ministry over the years. She is a sister in the Servite Order.
177) erin Pray for complete healing from anxiety disorder
178) stephen I need help to find my way back to Jesus...I am so lost from being a sinner and a slave to lust....please pray for me
179) Virginia Healin Prayers are needed for a devoted young father and husband, Danny, husband of Denise and father of tw young girls Addy and Sam, early teenagers. Danny and Addy were in a rollover car accident one block from home last Wednesday. Addy is home from the hospital. Urgent prayers are needed for Danny who was crushed and trapped in the vehicl after roll over. he needs to be stabilized and swelling in the brain gone to receive brain surgery. God Bless Al of you. Father Rookey, God Bless you! Amen
180) Barb That my planter facetious goes away. I get healthy. Also so I can do God’s work.
181) D C please help my daughters to be strong, healthy, to find jobs. Amen
182) Jo Ann Please pray for my son John and his wife Carrie to get back to together. They are separated and barely talking.
183) Susan I ask for healing for my husband John from prostate cancer and for his brother Rick who has pancreatic cancer. For myself and my friend Janna healing from chronic pain. I also ask that recent issues I have had with my voice be healed. I’m a cantor at my church and not being able to sing breaks my heart.
184) Jane For the healing of my son Raeph
185) Julie Healing of Fractured Vertebrae, Healing of Sponylosis Please help me to accept Chronic pain from Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis. I have been offering the pain for the Souls in Purgatory. Thank you, Fr. Rookey!
186) Mike and Mary For our precious son who has Asperger’s and severe OCD, possibly more mental illness disorders. He’s 45 and lives with us. We’re climbing to the 70’s around the corner, I’m severely disabled and my husband has had many surgeries also. We do all we can, but our son refuses help, it breaks our heart’s! He’s been locked up for mental breakdowns more than we can count. We beg for our Blessed Mother’s intercession to her son, our Lord, Jesus Christ and Father Rookie ????
187) ALWIN Biopsy Medical Repirts to be clean n negative of LYMPH nodes.
188) Christine Please pray for my daughter who is in a homeless shelter. For healing of her mind and for her to get help and build back her life. Please pray for her protection and safety and for her to seek God’s help.
189) Christine Please pray for my daughter who is in a homeless shelter. For healing of her mind and for her to get help and build back her life. Please pray for her protection and safety and for her to seek God’s help.
190) Celia Please pray for my grandson who has mental health issues and is aggressive and angry. Please pray for good behavior especially in school and for him to not get into trouble. In Jesus Name Amen.
191) Celia Please pray for my grandson who has mental health issues and is aggressive and angry. Please pray for good behavior especially in school and for him to not get into trouble. In Jesus Name Amen.
192) Richard For spiritual enlightenment and healing in my mission work.
193) D C Thank You LORD for all your help. Please help stay healthy all my family, be strong solving all problems. Amen
194) Dianne Please could you pray for my husband Peter Copeland who is suffering from anxiety that is holding him back from his work and life. Thank you so much.
195) Karen 1. Paul Meskell , heart concerns and not yet retired. 2. Gail Koza back pain from discs shifting. 3.Thomas Koza ,anterior shifting of vertebrae in back, teeth, liver, gallbladder concerns. 4.William,A decent job and healing of health and anxiety. 5. return of children to sacraments, baptism of Phoebe 6. Healing miracle for Garret Smith and Glenn Monroe THANK YOU VERY MUCH, God Bless you .
196) janet please prayer for the pain I have been having to go away and be healed..Thank you so much
197) Viviana Please have my mother Elena Politano in your prayers. She is 82 and sick depressed and has phlebitis and in a lot of pain. Your prayers will be appreciate. Blessed be God in haven and earth Amen
198) Vivian I pray for a liberation and deliverance of my work misfortune and afflictions that I am unable to raise up in my good performance and often a good work turn to vain. I feel disturbed and unsure how to proceed in my work after repeatedly failing while others succeed despite I have down a good work. Thank you for the prayers. P/s I tried to find a contact for a pray over but unable to find the ministry team by fr rooky.
199) Raj Kindly please pray that the Lord showers his mercy, grace and blessings upon me so that there is some material progress in my life.
200) D C I want to thank for all good things i have in my life. Please help us stay healthy, have jobs, and with psychological problems feel better