NoNameWrite Your Testimonies (For Public Display)
1DANNY SIAROT DEIPARINEDearest Brother/Sister/Fr.: A good day to you! Hello! I'm Danny S. Deiparine, a Filipino living in Plan Housing in Cambuhawe, Balamban, Cebu. I work as a certified professional teacher and am a devout Roman Catholic who teaches Kindergarten students in one of the schools here in the Philippines. I am also an active member in the Lectorate Ministry and Social Communication Member in our parish - St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Balamban, Cebu, Philippines. In light of this, I humbly request a free relic of Fr. Rookey -⛪⛪⛪ I'm grateful. SIAROT DEIPARINE DANNY Relic Custodian Plan Housing, Balamban, Cambuhawe, Cebu or Balamban Central Elementary School Baliwagan, Balamban, Cebu, Philippines 09322709746/639606150892
2Mark DaleyMy son is in hospital in he appeared in a dream with me last night I was suppose to have clubbed hands and feet my mother prayed with him every night Said rosary over my son last night and he appeared in dream saying your mother prayed with me now you can to.
3Joy SwansonSeveral years ago I went to a healing mass with my husband, elderly mother and her friend. Fr. Rookey prayed over my mother and I and we were slain in the spirit. I felt such peace and love and realized the tears were streaming down my face as I walked back to our pew. When we left the church it was extremely cold walking back to our car as it was winter but we could all smell the the scent of roses. I look back now and realize that my faith has grown stronger and I feel that I see the blessings and miracles in my life much clearer. ❤️
4Mike BohnertHe would say that sometimes the Lord would send the smell of roses through the church and then say let’s see if it happens tonight…..then there would be people reacting as the smell of roses travelled through the church as if in streams
5Todd R KerkhovenBack in Roughly 2010 I had a severe pinch nerve in my neck. The doctors said that they were gonna have to do Surgery. I was given all the Pre Operation test. I had to wait for the doctor to go on a 2 week honeymoon And meet up with him before before the surgery. My cousin Linda Kerkhoven Of Davenport Iowa.Knowing how much pain it was in Said why don't you go visit father rookie. I live in Homewood Illinois and he was in Olimpia fields Il. I made an appointment and I want to see him. We ssid the divine chaplet And he blessed me. 2 weeks later I met up with the doctor. I walked in the room shook his hand squeezed it so hard he told me to stop. I couldn't do that before. The surgery was canceled. By the grace of God I was healed Through father Rookie. I am a carpenter and I would go see him when work was slow and he would pray with me to find work and it always came through. He was a great man doing Gods work. I miss him Thank you Father Rookie for your help though the Grace of God.
6Mary JoyceApproximately Twenty Eight years ago Fr Rookey came to Oxford My sister's son wa about year and half or Two years. The church was packed,my sister was middle way in the church. My sister's little boy was born with alot of medical problems he's got special needs He started to cry my poor sister done her best to console him but to no avail She decided to go out of the church so she wouldn't be disturbing anyone. As she was about to stand up,she heard Fr Rookey tell everyone to shush. My sister thought,he was going to tell her, please keep the child quiet or leave the church. His next words were amazing. He told everyone shush, listen to the crys of an Angel. Of course everyone did. Fr Rookey had not met my sister or her little son at that time. He did not know he had special needs. My sister's little boy eventually stopped crying. It was eventually our turn to go up and get a blessing from fr Rookey. And he was able to tell my sister all about her son..she had not seen or spoken to him before that. It was absolutely amazing. That little boy will be 30 years old on the 17 th September 2022. He is still an Angel from god. The doctor's asked my sister to abort him. When he was born they said he wouldn't live,he'd die when he was about one year old. When he passed that they said he may make it to 5 years As I said he will soon be thirty Please pray for him and my sister She is going through a very hard time at the moment in her marriage Please pray for her and her familyThank You
7Shawndra VillanoHe healed my daughters tear ducts the day before her surgery
8Eduardo Veloso Caliwara jr.fr. peter rookey , please help me and pray for me because im suffering for my stomach problem please pray for me a good body condition and healthy body amen
9Gina TohillFr Rookery prayed with me over the phone for my husband Michael who was in in hospital suffering his 3rd heart attack ..my Husband was in his hospital 13 weeks he had his surgery on 1st July 2013 and he is still with us thank God ...Fr Rookery assured me he would be praying for him and for me to continue to pray the Miracle prayer that my husband was going to be ok ...I can never thank Fr Rookey enough im so glad i got to actually speak to him ...I felt i was already in the presence of a Saint...God rest you Fr Rookery God bless you with your canonisation and please pray for us especially my young grandson liam who is in grip of drugs addiction s and needs help Amen. Gina Tohill Belfast Ireland
10Colleen SeiterI had the honor and privilege to volunteer as a call screener and if Father was there he always took the call. We would write down the name, location and intention so Father could take more calls. If there was a break from the calls he would be reading his Bible. He is the most Holy human being I have ever met.
11Tessa donoghueMy son Lenny was born with half a working heart he had heart surgery wen he was 2 days old he had other complications with his heart that he was given very little chance of living he was given his last rights the doctors gave up on him said he would not make it a freind of my husband that he hadn't seen in years was outside the hospital we told him about Lenny he went and said I'll he back soon his wife handed us fr rookeys prayer I said it every night over Lenny until knew it without looking Lenny got better the doctors could not believe that he pulled through Lenny also had a prayer warriors praying for him all over the world Lenny is 1 yr half now. A truly mirical prayer..Lenny has a Facebook page called Lenny the lion you will see his miracle journey. God bless
12Morgan MC HughHi my name is Morgan MC Hugh from Ireland. I was taken to see Fr. Rookey at Mel's cathedral Longford as a child about 7 / 8 years old. I suffered from very bad sinus head pain., I had to stay in a dark room and in bed for days. Until I was touched by Fr. Rookey, and to this day I have never suffered from it since. And I smoke which is not good for the sinus. I am 50 now. I can say it was a miracle from God through Fr. Rookey. God bless him.
13Dr. Matt HammettI knew Fr. Rookey from Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica early 90’s. I use to smell roses around him, happened multiple times. I asked him what it meant, he replied in a letter I still have, “ it’s a true manifestation of Our Lady, a blessing from heaven.” He supported me in prayer over phone many times, often I’d smell roses during these encounters and experience great peace and spiritual healing with him. It led to my conversion to the Catholic Faith and to study healing. I have been a practicing devout Catholic and a chiropractor with four kids!
14Dianne RescinitiThis year my right knee became more painful upon any contact with any surface, including the padded kneeler at church. I did not know why or what set off this condition. I googled the symptoms and everything seemed to indicate I suffered from bursitis. I'm not athletic, I don't over use it in anytime or work routine and I didn't think I strained it, so I chalked it up to 'old' age. Nonetheless, by the middle of March, it became painful to take a short drive to do errands. By the end of March, I was in pain doing nothing - just at rest. I was to the point of needing medication to relieve the pain. On Sunday, April 2, after returning from Latin Mass, I was writing a note to someone at my desk, where I have Father Rookey's prayer card with his first class relic, along with various pictures of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. I took the card and put it to my knee and said, Father Rookey, could you please heal my knee in Jesus name and make this pain go away. Within 10 minutes the pain was gone, and it has not returned, whether I am genuflecting, kneeling or on my knees cleaning my house or playing with my cat Cookie. Father Rookey's intercession through the power of Jesus Christ has taken the pain away and is healing or has healed the bursitis. AMEN! This is a miracle.
15Patricia O'CampoPatricia O'Campo of Phoenix, Arizona called me and told me of a miraculous healing that has occured for her, through praying for Father Peter's intercession before God. She said that she had a strange, large lump which appeared out of nowhere, on her head, and was going to need surgery to remove it. She prayed and prayed, and it disappeared! Praise God!
16Mark A. ZbylutI first came to the healing Mass about November of 1992. The Basilica seemed to have no funds at all. I wanted to support the Church and decided to become an "Audio Missionary." I had spent 8 years in the Army as a Signal officer and wanted to use my gift for technology for Our Lady. Not being able to stay employed in Pro audio due do the economy, I made audio support for evangelism my avocation under the name Revelation Audio. About 02/93 I began bringing my own microphones, cables, mixer, stands and such to support the volunteer choir that attended the healing services. I did this for about 3 years. I regret that one day the pianist, who came from Grand Rapids, MI invited an electric guitarist to play with her; without regard for the opinions of the others from Chicago. I felt it was a Holy Mass and not a rock concert. I felt forced to leave and take my equipment being unable to reconcile. Father's love for everyone was precious and he loved serving our Lord. Hail Mary!