NoNameWrite Your Testimonies (For Public Display)
1Dr. Matt HammettI knew Fr. Rookey from Our Lady of Sorrows Basilica early 90’s. I use to smell roses around him, happened multiple times. I asked him what it meant, he replied in a letter I still have, “ it’s a true manifestation of Our Lady, a blessing from heaven.” He supported me in prayer over phone many times, often I’d smell roses during these encounters and experience great peace and spiritual healing with him. It led to my conversion to the Catholic Faith and to study healing. I have been a practicing devout Catholic and a chiropractor with four kids!
2Dianne RescinitiThis year my right knee became more painful upon any contact with any surface, including the padded kneeler at church. I did not know why or what set off this condition. I googled the symptoms and everything seemed to indicate I suffered from bursitis. I'm not athletic, I don't over use it in anytime or work routine and I didn't think I strained it, so I chalked it up to 'old' age. Nonetheless, by the middle of March, it became painful to take a short drive to do errands. By the end of March, I was in pain doing nothing - just at rest. I was to the point of needing medication to relieve the pain. On Sunday, April 2, after returning from Latin Mass, I was writing a note to someone at my desk, where I have Father Rookey's prayer card with his first class relic, along with various pictures of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. I took the card and put it to my knee and said, Father Rookey, could you please heal my knee in Jesus name and make this pain go away. Within 10 minutes the pain was gone, and it has not returned, whether I am genuflecting, kneeling or on my knees cleaning my house or playing with my cat Cookie. Father Rookey's intercession through the power of Jesus Christ has taken the pain away and is healing or has healed the bursitis. AMEN! This is a miracle.
3Patricia O'CampoPatricia O'Campo of Phoenix, Arizona called me and told me of a miraculous healing that has occured for her, through praying for Father Peter's intercession before God. She said that she had a strange, large lump which appeared out of nowhere, on her head, and was going to need surgery to remove it. She prayed and prayed, and it disappeared! Praise God!
4Mark A. ZbylutI first came to the healing Mass about November of 1992. The Basilica seemed to have no funds at all. I wanted to support the Church and decided to become an "Audio Missionary." I had spent 8 years in the Army as a Signal officer and wanted to use my gift for technology for Our Lady. Not being able to stay employed in Pro audio due do the economy, I made audio support for evangelism my avocation under the name Revelation Audio. About 02/93 I began bringing my own microphones, cables, mixer, stands and such to support the volunteer choir that attended the healing services. I did this for about 3 years. I regret that one day the pianist, who came from Grand Rapids, MI invited an electric guitarist to play with her; without regard for the opinions of the others from Chicago. I felt it was a Holy Mass and not a rock concert. I felt forced to leave and take my equipment being unable to reconcile. Father's love for everyone was precious and he loved serving our Lord. Hail Mary!